Hatchery & Nursery Sunray Venus LLC is the first commercial facility producing both hatchery and nursery SRV seed since 2008.


890 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996

Functions: The Hatchery is the first stage of the shellfish aquaculture, where the adult shellfish spawn and release their sperm and eggs. The fertilized eggs are then grown to a 1 mm size in this facility.


4343 Mulford Ln, Port Salerno, FL 34997

This is where the second stage taking place. After the seeds grown to 1mm size, they will be transferred to our nursery. The baby clams will be placed in tanks and “raceway” where seawater will be pumped past them to create desired flow. During this stage of the growing process, the baby seeds will filter the microalgae and nutrients from the sea water, which allowing them to grow to a 12mm size.


After the baby seeds grown to 12mm size, we will plant them in the submerged land with protective nettings. These baby clams will be growing in the protected submerged land for approximately 8 months to 1 year until they reach the desired size.

Processing Center

This is the final stage of the process. After the seeds reached the market size, we will harvest them and take them to the processing center. This is where the seeds will be purged, sorted, bagged, tagged, and chilled for distribution to wholesalers.

Future Expansion

613 Palm Ave E, Goodland, FL 34145

Purchased the property, the company has a plan to build a series of facilities on site, including Hatchery, nursery system, processing center, high-tech storage facility, and offices.

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